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The following endorsements were submitted by our Long Beach Community letting others know how End Abuse Long Beach has benefited them.

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Erika Jewell, LCSW


Miller Children's Hospital
I have been attending EALB for 10 years. As a former child welfare worker and now a medical social worker, the topics are always interesting and relevant. The biggest benefit is the networking. I have made many friends through EALB and the contacts have been very useful for my work and in helping clients get the services they need.

Jean Fromm, Ph.D.

Private Practice
I am a psychologist in private practice and have been attending End Abuse Long Beach meetings for about 20 years. The programs are always interesting, the speakers are excellent and the topics are pertinent to the work that I do. Those who are concerned about these issues are a wonderful group of people and networking with them helps enrich my professional life.

Paul Sharpe

Long Beach ALIVE
Classroom Presenter
I am a Long Beach ALIVE classroom presenter volunteer to our Long Beach 4th and 5th grade students, teaching 400 students per year about child abuse and prevention.
I have attended the End Abuse Long Beach's monthly programs for five years.  Their monthly programs have provided relevant information that has augmented my classroom presentation knowledge on child abuse and enabled me to be a more informed instructor.
Keep up the great programs EALB!